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 Lucky 4 Life

Lucky 4 Life provides a prepaid safe ride home when it is too risky to get behind the wheel.

When you’re out drinking and having a good time, it’s tempting to get in the car and drive yourself home, However, that decision can have serious consequences- a DUI, lost job, an accident, injuring yourself or others, or even worse.  Drinking and driving laws in Florida are especially stringent.

A DUI in Florida can cost in excess of $10,000.00 (including attorney fees and penaties)

In most DUI cases in Florida you will lose your driver license for a minimum of six months and be required to have a ignition interlock device for at least six months.

A DUI in Florida will also require you to carry SR-22 insurance (high risk) for a minimum of three years

DUIs impact every aspect of your life, not just transportation.


Protect yourself and those you care about from these risks with the Lucky 4 Life card.  It is a small investment and provides you with peace of mind knowing a safe ride home is only a call away.

Make the right choice now to ensure you make the better choice later

Here is how it works

Step one : Once your receive your Lucky 4 Life card place it in your wallet or purse and always carry it on you.

Step two:Next time you’re out drinking and need a ride home call 850-607-6500 and give the shuttle driver your name and location so that they can arrive quickly.

Step three:When the shuttle arrives, give your Lucky 4 Life card to the shuttle driver.A tip is optional and always appreciated.

Program terms, conditions, and limitations

The Don’t drink and drive Lucky 4 Life program (the “program”) is designed to give you another option when you or a companion is in need of a safe ride home.  The Lucky 4 Life card is placed in your wallet or your purse so when you are out enjoying yourself at a public place, restaurant or bar that sells alcohol and either you or a companion has been drinking, is impaired by drugs, intoxicated, or otherwise unable to drive, the Lucky 4 Life card can be exchanged for a safe ride home from Lucky cab shuttle.

By receiving or requesting a Lucky 4 Life card you acknowledge and agree to the following program terms, conditions and limitations.

The program is not to be used for ordinary shuttle rides but to provide a safe way home from a public place, restaurant, night club, lounge, or bar that sells alcohol if you or a companion has been drinking and / or the person who would otherwise drive is impaired, intoxicated, or otherwise unable to drive.  The lucky 4 Life card is good for only good for one ride for up to two people traveling from a single pick-up point that is a public place that sells alcohol directly to a single drop-off point that is a residence.  The price for the Lucky 4 Life card is comprised of several elements including but not limited to administration fees, Priority service and transportation.

Lucky 4 Life reserves the right to cancel the program to any or all individuals without and further obligation to you.  The Lucky 4 Life car holder is responsible if the card is lost or stolen and they will not be replaced.  Lucky 4 Life reserves the right not accept, or re-issue any card or to otherwise limit its use if Lucky 4 Life reasonably believes that the use is outside the scope of its intended use, unauthorized, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful.

The program is designed to provide only basic transportation services: no medical or healthcare services or additional assistance are provided by the Lucky cab shuttle independent contractor driver.  The time you wait for the cab depends on the availability at the time of your call, Lucky 4 Life will make a reasonable efforts to send a shuttle to your pick-up location on a priority basis.  Lucky 4 life is not responsible for any injuries that you, or any other passenger may sustain entering that shuttle or anytime before the shuttle ride starts or anytime after the conclusion of the ride including while the passenger (s) exit the shuttle and any and all time after.  Lucky cab shuttle may only be responsible for injuries to you or your passenger from its negligence while you are in the shuttle.  You and your passenger assume all risk for activities, acts or omissions that occur outside of the shuttle and for your companions carelessness, gross negligence or willful wrongdoing while inside the shuttle.  Passengers that get sick or otherwise damage or dirty the shuttle before, during or after the ride will be responsible at their expense, to pay the independent contractor Driver at the conclusion of the ride full restitution to clean, fix or repair the shuttle including any losses of income incurred during the period to fix, clean or otherwise repair.

Lucky 4 life may amend these terms, Conditions, and Limitations at any time.  As permitted by applicable law, any amendment will become effective at the time we post the amended agreement on the lucky cab web site ( or as otherwise stated in our notice to you.  The amendment will apply to your future and existing Lucky 4 Life card combinations.  The program and these terms, Conditions and limitations and your relationship to the program are governed and controlled by the laws of the state of Florida without reference to conflict-of-laws principles.

LUCKY 4 LIFE MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.  Lucky 4 Life may assign all or any part of rights under, the program or this agreement without notice to you.  It will then be released from all liability.  These terms, conditions, and limitations together with the other provisions of this brochure constitute the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between you and Lucky 4 Life.